by David Aluchula Mbale/ KENYA.

If all you have is a vizt, then forget about winning the safari rally championship.

This age-old adage can be said of all those salivating for the coveted  Vihiga county women’s Mp seat come 2022.

Whether the title is going to change from women rep to county woman senator or not, Vihigans are keen on electing a woman of substance to represent the great county of Vihiga on the national platform.

By this, no amount of Pr stunts, juvenile gimmicks and irrational sycophancy shall tilt the scales and or blur the good judgement by the great people of Vihiga.

Not long ago, pictures that are alleged to have emanated from a Vihiga county woman mp aspirant were splashed all over social media. The sorry state of girl child displaying big pink underpants did not augur well with Kenyans not to mention the aggrieved VIHIGANS.

The ugly pants display was attributed to one Winnie Majani who has since denied it on her Facebook page. Whether it was by Winnie Majani or not, the injury to the great county of Vihiga has already been served and people are hurting badly.

The current Vihiga county woman Mp may have performed below the huge expectation her electorates had in her but replacing her with some very remarkable political novices will be a tragedy in Jerusalem.

Jackeline Mwenesi Lukalo can only be good as a star in a 16th-century wheelbarrow movie..

Take Jackeline Mwenesi Lukalo for instance, after riding to the Vihiga county assembly at the mercy of Rev Akaranga’s benevolence, she forgot her cardinal duty of legislation, oversight, and representation but instead joined the Tanga Tanga wagon as an in house ‘page boy’  with the sole duty of appearing anywhere and everywhere that the Tanga Tanga gospel is being preached.

The not so Honorable member of Vihiga county assembly in her profound ineptitude has made it her business of appearing in selected religious gatherings fully clad in the gatherings colors. This has not gone well with Vihigans who view her as a comedian hellbent on defiling the sacred gathering of the people of God.

‘’ We are wondering what befell our good lady, she has been jumping from one church to the other ostensibly to worship with people which is not bad but must she be appearing in several holy regalias? Does she know the weight we faithful place on those kanzus? She should at least have some respect for the holy garments or better still remain at home and pray to her God in private’ an agitated voter wrote on Facebook.

Enter Winnie Majani to wrestle the mantle from the off-color professional worshipper Lukalo.

If you thought the comic relief by Jackeline Mwenesi was over, wait until her ladyship Winnie Majani rolls on.

Winnie Majani or madam president as she fondly calls herself shot on the scene flanked by master comedian Bonni Khalwale. According to the bullfighter of Malinya, the good people of Vihiga lack the minds to sieve and get a good leader for themselves and so he had to midwife  Winnie Majani into Vihiga county politics.

Just like her political nemesis and co-actress in the wheelbarrow movie one Jackeline Lukalo, Majani is only but a flower girl in the wheelbarrow thriller and has zero passion to serve Vihigans. For those who think that the current leadership under Hon Adagala is a disaster, Majani presents a pandemic to Vihigans should she be elected as our next woman mp (GOD FORBID)

Exit the Tanga tanga wheelbarrow whistlers duo ie  Mwenesi and Majani (  funny how their names start with same letters ie M) Vihiga county women leadership have also attracted a cadre of women who are all angling to replace Hon Adagala.

In no particular order we have;

Roda Amimo Mbandu.

The women of Vihiga had a chance to elect her in 2017 but as they say, her votes were not enough. She is still busy working behind the scenes with little work on the ground to write home about. However very soon we shall be covering her goings.

Mary Amalemba;

Madam Mary Amalemba vied and did not make it. In 2017 she lacked the firepower to outrun the Hon Adagala who was giving the seat a second stub and eventually won it. Amalemba has now found favor with Ottichilo and whether the newfound camaraderie with the governor will help her dethrone the incumbent remains a story for another day.

Ruth  Wanza Bukachi.

Ruth Bukachi is exciting the masses with her philanthropic gestures in the medical world. Through her vast business empire in the medical field, she is touching lives and her bid is expected to send shivers. Whether madam Ruth a Kamba married to Prof Bukachi who hails from Bunyore will galvanize the vote-rich Bunyore region is a matter of general conjecture.

Madam Kevina Oriedo;

Madam Kevina Oriedo or simply Mwalimu as she is fondly called in the academic circles is a city-based teacher who has also shown interest in the seat. She too hails from Bunyore and together with Ruth Bukachi they intend to make the vote-rich Bunyore region a no-go zone for the incumbent. Kevina Oriedo a daughter of a former long-serving councilor is in the race for the first time. Her vehicle of choice remains a secret but she is too talking and meeting people on the ground. For her to cause a major dent in the incumbent’s stronghold, she must find a working formula through which she can tap in the Hamisi/Sabatia votes which are considered as Adagala’s.

Hon Violet Bagada.

The ANC nominated mca is believed to be a thorn in the flesh of the incumbent. A teacher by profession, Madam Bagada is believed to have played a pivotal role in the election of Hon Adagala. First forward, the MCA now wants the seat by herself. This will be an interesting duel considering that both Bagada and Adagala lay claim to the ANC ticket. The perceived fierce rivalry between Bagada and Adagala could be all that the two Bunyore sisters ie Kevina and Bukachi need to dent the incumbent’s chances of victory.

Both the seat of Governor and woman Mp in Vihiga appear jinxed with both Akaranga and Kedogo only doing one term.

Whether Adagala will do the one term or will win again is not the big issue now, the issue should be will Vihigans get the right woman for the top job?  Stay with for in-depth analysis.

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