Hon.Wetangula and FORD Kenya have no choice but to support ANC in Matungu by election. There should be no senseless COMPETITION between ANC and FORD.

I agree death has robbed ANC and the people of Matungu their loved Mp and that means the battle in western politics is now wide open and seemingly, it is going to juxtapose the real interests of the community against interests of outsiders.

The by election will test the truth between ANC and Ford Kenya as the leading political parties in Western Kenya. It will showcase whether Ford Kenya will support ANC or it will go against it. It is imperative to remember, 2022 is around the corner, and THEREFORE the by election will mean a lot of things for the LUHYA COMMUNITY.

While the seat is tentatively A reserve of ANC political party until the burial date of the late, it should not be lost on you that outsider Merchants are not sipping sleep, and as Fate would have it, inside merchant’s tent, a lot is happening, plans are underway as they prepare to front their candidates against ANC.

Through this by election, truth will be known, questions will be asked, and answers will be known. In recent months we have seen ANC boss Hon Musalia together with Hon Wetangula hold press statements together, signalling desire to work together towards bringing the people of Mulembe together for a political battle of their time come 2022.

The community has never stood a chance to get on top of Kenya’s Leadership like today. In the past years, Raila has been the stumbling block for the community’s quest for top job in the country. He has played around without the community pretending to present the best chance for the community but as you all know, RESULTS have been the same no matter what support he has been given.

The coming by election now gives the community led by Hon Mudavadi and Hon Wetangula an opportunity to recapture the Matungu by election on ANC ticket to cement their unequivocal authority in LUHYA politics. Hon Wetangula and FORD Kenya party have no choice but to support ANC in Matungu by election. There should be no senseless COMPETITION between ANC and FORD.

They both have one enemy and that Enemy is the EXTERNAL INFLUENCE that was almost STEALING Ford from Hon Moses Wetangula. UNFORTUNATELY, A SECTION of FORD KENYA led by Wafula Wamunyinyi are in high consultation to fill a candidate in the by election against the will of MR Moses Wetangula. If this happen, HON Wetangula will have no option but to stump his authority by supporting the ANC candidate.

On the other side, it is not clear in the event ANC doesn’t capture the seat whether the nominated mp Hon Ososti will lose his place in parliament. The Matungu seat is one seat among the seats that qualified ANC to get one nomination in parliament. If it will not recapture the vacant seat, what will happen to nominated mp future? Will the nominated mp campaign for alternative candidate or will he support a candidate for the party that sponsored him to parliament?

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