Gabola Church of South Africa where alcohol is allowed during service to open its branches in Kenya before December 2020

Bishop Tsietsi Makiti the presiding bishop of The Gabola church in South Africa has reiterated his promise of opening branches in East Africa with Nairobi as its headquarters.

Gabola church service underway

Gabola….means drinking. There are many different churches around the world but there are few like South Africa’s Gabola church. Gabola means ‘drinking’ in South Africa’s SeTswana language. Gabola church believes its congregation connects with God through consuming large amounts of alcohol during services

Speaking today from South Africa,  Bishop Tsietsi lamented the slow pace at which covid 19 has slowed his mission.

Pope Tsieku.

“We had put up plans to open up a worship sanctuary in Nairobi. So far we have thousands of followers in Nairobi/Kenya but lack of worship center has been the main issue of concern. We expected to set up our branch last month but covid 19 slowed us abit. We urge our faithful in Nairobi to expect goodnews early December. We thank the Kenyan authorities for speeding up our registration. We pray for Kenya all the time ” the Bishop said as he gulped his beer.

Gleeful worshippers of Gabola Church joined a Sunday sermon with bottles of their favourite alcoholic beverages in hand at a tavern south of Johannesburg.

It was held to celebrate the end of the ban on alcohol sales in South Africa.

This South Africa’s unorthodox place of worship founded in 2017 by Tsietsi Makiti, 54, allows its members to drink alcohol during services

Pope Makiti in his church.
Gabola church in session.
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