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5 Easy steps through which ladies can avoid Hyenas like Mike Oliver. Number 5 Will make ladies happy

Gendertalk by D.K Oluvendi.

A way from Mike Oliver’s sex tourism, here are five tried and tested techniques that all ladies should put on their fingure tips.

Life in Kenya and in East Africa as a region has been quite hard.
The Chinese virus yes I said the Chinese virus has not made it even better.
However this is no ticket for ladies to hawk their wares to thankless idiots like Mike Oliver and the ilk!!.

Five easy steps for women to remain divnified.

A lady doing her laundry

This week, Singer Wahu made headlines when she implored on the girl child Never to be begging for fare, credit and other small favors. Girl child must remain independent. Here are a few steps:-

1)Look for any three close guys in your circles. They could be plotmates, churchmates, hoodmates or even former schoolmates.🆗

2)Politely and without sounding desperate, request them if you could help fix their laundry and general house cleaning.🆗

3)Make sure they are single and sober. This is a time you dont want to start unholy wars with their fiancees and or nosey girlfriends& who may think of you as a husband snatcher. (Usikimbizwe kama baiskeli ya kuibiwa na bibi ya wenyewe)

4)Ensure your pricing is not exploitative, be reasonable. It is value for money you are giving not punishing your clients, these could be your bridge to a better future.

5)While at it, ensure high standards of respect. It is money you are looking for not a husband or sexual gratification.
If the guy approaches you in a manner likely to suggest that he wants to invade the “Holy land” kick the idiot.s balls. Yes kick the nonesense hanging between his legs unapologetically.

Now a girlchild has a job. Your three guys will link you to two of their friends.
With an average of atleast 1k per day, you are now making atleast 6k per week.
On Sunday dont go to work, head straight to church and Worship the Lord.
With about 30K per month (own money) now you can move to a comfortable single room in Umoja or Pipeline paying 5k per month.
Your dignity is restored, no man will look at you or define you by your body shape, boobs, waist or just because you are a woman.
You have kept sex pests otherwise known as Mafisi at bay and your boobs are at 12:00 noon.
Your face is still sweet 16😂😂😂.
You cant be admiring Akothe’s lifestyle as you depend on leftovers from someones hubby.

You cannot have Nyota Ndogo as your mentor yet you subject your boobs and thighs to untold torture😤.

Did you know that Nyota Ndogo of the Watu na Viatu hit was once a househelp

Singer Nyota Ndogo once a househelp
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