Pay cut? Not us says Duale and Murkomen

Two leading jubilee leaders have scoffed at the president’s request for a pay cut.

National Assembly Majority leader Hon Aden Duale and his senate counter part Sen Kipchumba Murkomen has said no to paycuts

Speaking to a local tv station, both leaders said it was of no value taking a paycut.

“The people of Garissa Township sent me to the National Assembly not to do a pay-cut but to make sure  that resources and laws are available for Kenyans to be safe in their homes,” said Hon Duale.

“The issue today is the blue-chip corporate organizations in our country that are posting billions in profit. Companies like EABL, KCB, Safaricom by today should be giving back those profits from the Kenyan people. Let’s not talk about pay cuts of  Ksh.30,000, Ksh.40,000, Ksh.200,000 that will not help the situation,” added Hon Duale

On his part vocal Elgeyo Marakwet senator Hon Kipchumba Murkomen said that he only takes home a meager Ksh.10,000 from his more than half  a million monthly salary.

“I have had a discussion with my employer; the Parliamentary Service Commission, and I went and saw my payslip is less than Ksh.10,000. So I told myself it is not going to be of benefit to the Kenyan people to give out Ksh.5,000 or so as my donation,” said Murkomen

Sen Murkomen however promises to donate something greater than what he earns after selling his farm produce

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