Some call him Agwambo others call him Tinga but to many he remains just Baba. Whenever he speaks, his wisdom is never taken for granted. His emotional letter on covid 19 has kept Kenyans talking. Below find his message to Kenyans.

Fellow Kenyans, we know from history plagues changes societies in many fundamental ways. Where the covid 19 will take us we dont know but we have to fight. We need a new breed of patriots for this new breed of war. The war is not for the selected few. It is for every man and woman every boy and girl.

I am calling on every Kenyan to use his/her personal social connections to daily remind them daily to protect themselves from covid 19
Let each one of us make daily phone calls, texts, chats video chats emails and messages to family, friends, tauts, riders, chamaas, farmers, former school mates ask them to avoid crowds, wash hands regularly, practice social distance and wear masks even improvised ones.

Lets follow up on them daily and find out if they are having challenges.
Do not struggle with strangers.Focus on the people you have a personal relationship with first.

To the youth of this country, this is your chance to be our country’s new soldiers, new saviors. Use the advantages technology has put in your hands like smart phones and social media to encourage your friends to stay safe and keep them company from a distance.

My fellow Kenyans, I have known you for long. I know your strong faith and belief in friends, family and social acquintances.

I know your determination, kindness and humour even in grim situations.
Let these come to play now. Let this be people to people moment.

Lets go all out and tell our friends to tell their friends the window is slowly shutting.

If we dont take personal control now, there will be no control to take later.
You remain in my prayers.

Raila Amollo Odinga.

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