Pay Amrouche 109M in 30Days or We ban Harambee stars- Fifa tells Mwendwa

Fifa Disciplinary Committee sat today to review the case between former harambee stars coach Adel Amrouche vs FKF where Adel won.

Fkf has not paid 109 M to Adel deapite several demand notes. Should FKF fail to pay up within the 30 days, Fifa could slap Kenya with sanctions including banning Harambee Harambee Stars from 2022 Fifa World Cup qualifiers.

FKF and Amrouche have 10 days from receipt of terms of the chairman to request in writing the grounds of the decision failure to do so will result in the decision (being) binding and final (under article 51 of the Disciplinary Commitee)

Barry Otieno the CEO Of FKF has flatly blamed the former regime led by Sam Nyamweya for the woes bedevilling FKF as far as Amrouche’s case is concerned. However Mr Otieno said Mwenda’s administration is working around the clock to reach an amicable solution with Amrouche. Barry remains optimistic that Kenya will not attract a ban from Fifa as anticipated by prophets of doom hellbent on seeing zero soccer growth.

In an exclusive interview with a leading media house Amrouche blamed his woes on Nick Mwendwa and his team at the FKF offices.

“These people (FKF) do not give me respect. I have been patient but I cannot wait any longer. All I want to hear right now is that my money has been paid and in full,” he explained.

“I have suffered. I went for two years without a job after the federation boss fired me without talking to me. I came to Nairobi on three occasions to meet Mwendwa and try to get a solution. He ignored me. When we were at (Court of Arbitration for Sport) CAS in Lausanne, he (Mwendwa) came with three lawyers. He was ready to pay lawyers from Europe millions of shillings but not me. I took him aside at the court and asked him to reach an agreement out of court. He refused,” the 51-year-old, who has requested Fifa not to grant Kenya any more extension on the deadline said in the exclusive interview.

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