Rev. Canon Wainana- Provost All Saints Cathedral Writes Letter to Uhuru, Questions Uhuru why he has Divorced DP Ruto


Dear Mr. President,
Grace and mercy be upon you and your government. Happy Lenten season.
It is with much reflection on the state of this country that I have found the strength to write to you. Like children in a dysfunctional marriage, Kenyans are worried and apprehensive about your government and your relationship with your deputy.

When you both were elected, many Kenyans, and especially the young people had great hope in you.

Your vision and promises made Kenyans believe in you and your presidency. The chemistry between you and your deputy redefined our leadership; kneeling for prayers during your inauguration, addressing the nation together, dressed in similar fashion was unprecedented. What we see today is a pale shadow of that.

The effect of these will affect generations to come since our senior most leaders are teaching our youths to be disloyal.

Your Excellency, our country is slowly but surely burning in all aspects that moulds our National fibre. The current political climate is not conducive at all. We have one government but currently we are operating like a failed State! Your election as president depended on the support of Hon. William Ruto and the versa since you were voted as duo.

You therefore both have a symbiotic relationship. How do you allow your ministers to say publicly that they were “…appointed by the president and are answerable only to him?” with no regard for the deputy president and the House of parliament? It is said when you see the dog barking, the owner is around. Where do they find such arrogance? When the deputy president says something to the effect that “…unless you kill me, I will not be afraid”, where does that leave the nation? We can tell that your government is split down the middle.

Your Excellency, we salute you for reaching out to Mr. Odinga on 18th of March, 2018 the gesture is welcome. With all the good of the handshake, it has confusion your leadership.

Your deputy is seeking public sympathy because you have abandoned him to the Jaws of the opposition. If the deputy president is corrupt as it has claimed, use the law to get him out. The altercations between the two sides are not good for the nation. It is the high time you rose to the occasion and offered political guidance.

Find it in you the need to find time to sort out your issues with your deputy; this washing of the dirty linen in public is not good for the Nation. To date the famous Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) has become a political tool rather than an opportunity to dialogue. There is very little civic education on the BBI if any; politicians are only interested in securing their political power and influence.

What Kenyans are looking for is an affordable government that can be held accountable; an imperial president that the current constitution has created is a danger to the nation. We call for an issue based referendum after a stakeholder’s conference that will come up with the questions. We as a Church will not support a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ referendum.

Leadership is about vision; as a leader you need to keep your vision alive to the citizens. This is where you score poorly. Mr. President, what will you be remembered for? What happened to the Big four agenda? Every Kenyan was sure that your legacy will be defined by the four namely; affordable housing, affordable health care, infrastructure and food security.

The Agenda has been swallowed by the BBI noise. It’s paramount therefore to move with speed and reclaim the Nation back to the vision. We call for an independent audit on the government loans to ascertain their legality.

We suspect that Kenya is paying fictitious loans to enrich a few people in government. Please don’t leave Kenyans poorer than you found then!
“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18

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