Baptist church conducts virginity test for its female members who are 18 and above. Find out how.

sex before marriage is one thing the Christian faith advocates for. However some churches have gone beyond nlrmal in ensuring sex is kept off untill marriage.

A South African church has carried out virginity tests on their single female worshippers and issued certificates of virginity to those that passed the test.
According to the church, the test is said to be an effort to encourage chastity among the ladies in the society

The church identified as Nazareth Baptist Church is located at Ebuhleni, northern part of Durban in South Africa.

It was gathered that the church carried out a free virginity test on ladies who attend their church and are 18 years and above.
It is an annual event carried out by the church, and at the end of the exercise, a Certificate of Virginity is awarded to the successful ones.
Also, a white mark of purity is placed on the forehead of the virgins.
The test is usually conducted in the middle of every year and the certificate issued becomes invalid by the middle of the following year when the next virginity test is conducted by the church.

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The test for the 2022/2023 session was conducted this week and certificates were issued to the successful ladies.
The certificate was signed by the Leader of Nazareth Baptist Church and the specialist who carried out the test.
Meanwhile, the virgins can be seen in a viral photo smiling while posing with their certificates

Elsewhere a pastor in Nigeria is behind bars for conducting virginity tests

Ogun State Police Command said yesterday, that it had arrested a pastor identified as  Adekunle Kayode, 34, for conducting virginity test on  a 20-year-old female member of his church in Abeokuta, the state capital, using his finger

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