Aladwa graces Boy/Girl ndio future initiative as he pledges to liberate boy/girl child in Vihiga county

Friday 20th Jan 2023/ Mbale Vihiga county

Hon George Aladwa today attended the Boy/Girl Ndio Future Intiative  organised by Nadanya Bodaboda  stage CBO at Demesi grounds  in Sabatia sub-county.

The CBO is engaged in helping nurture and train both young boys and girls in living a responsible life as future leaders.

While speaking at the event, Aladwa who has made his intentions of contesting for Vihiga governorship in 2027 known, thanked the CBO leadership for coming up with such a noble initiative.

“I want to thank you all and encourage you for coming up with such anoble idea. Many CBO’s have zeroed in only on the girl child at the expense of the boy child who is also facing several challenges  As a leader and your incoming governor, I want to give you my word  that I will walk with you throught this initiative as we help transform our county and country at large” said Aladwa.

Hon Aladwa gave his personal  donation of ksh. 50,000 in support of the event .

Aladwa pledges to help sponsor  bright and needy students in Vihiga through his Aladwa foundation.

During his speech he has directed that in conjuction with the area Mp Hon clement sloya  he  will be indentifying and sponsoring students who have done well and have… no means to continue with their studies .


Izava/Lwaduywa ward ,Sabatia subcounty,vihiga county.
Demesi Grounds

He will aslo be launching the Hon George Aladwa foundation that will help  and support the residents of vihiga county .He also asked the residents to support his Gubernatorial ambition come 2027.

Earlier on , Hon Aladwa had held a meeting with pastors and leaders of African indegineous churches domiciled in Vihiga county.

Hon Aladwa poses for a photo with Bishops of African Independent churches.

While speaking with the men of God, Aladwa thanked them for the role they play in helping shepherd the church and the community at large. The bishops drawn from African Israel Nineveh Church, ADC church, Church of the Holy Spirit, all vowed to support Aladwa’s gobernatorial bid in 2027.

“I wish to pledge my support now and in future even as you guide our churches here in Vihiga. You have laid before me your grievances which I will address both on short term and long term basis. I want to make myself available so that incase you need any support from me, do not hesitate to call upon me” Aladwa said.

Hon Aladwa or Georgy as his villagemates call him is a native of Vihiga/Sabatia constituency, Izava Lyaduywa ward. He is from the Vakilima/Vangomba sub clan of the larger maragoli clan.

Additional reporting by B.Avwage

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