My plan for Gatina Ward, one on one with Mwalimu Kennedy Swaka.

During the ODM party primaries, there was a battle royale reminiscent of the David vs Goliath duel.

The diminutive and little known Mwalimu Kennedy Swaka was dueling against the incumbent David Ayoi.

Ironically, the incumbent was called David as the new kid on the block Kennedy Swaka played the biblical shepherd who floored Goliath.

With the swearing in of the Nairobi county assembly slated for 29th September this month, Hon Kennedy Swaka is upbeat and looking foward to the daunting task.

G.m.k. Goodevening and thank you for inviting us Mwalimu. Who is Mwalimu Kennedy Swaka.

Hon Swaka: Karibu sana, Kennedy Swaka is your ordinary guy born and raised here in Gatina some thirty something years ago.

Being born, raised, schooled and now working here in Gatina for the very community that raised me up gives me much pleasure. To God I give all the glory.

G.m.k: : How did you join politics and why ODM.

Hon Swaka: I fell in love with politics right from my high school days. As a former debate club chairman, articulating issues always gave me much joy. From school, I plunged into politics with the high flying ODM under Hon Raila Amollo Odinga as the default party of the moment. I give it to ODM party for giving me an oppportunity to serve as a youth leader and subsequently mentoring and nurturing me into my current position.

G.m.k.: Tell us how tough was the party primaries and the general election?

Hon Swaka: The party primaries were really tough. Odm party is so competitive. Considering that I was contesting against seasoned and moneyed politicians, my only redemption was talking to voters one on one and trusting God for victory.

The general election was equally tough, I ran against 12 others. As ODM we stuck to issues which by God’s grace we managed to get the requisite votes to emerge victorious. To God we give the glory.

G.m.k : You are now the MCA, what do you intend to do for the electorate? What do you think you will do differently from your predecessors?

Hon Swaka: First, I am the third MCA after Gatina was curved out. Each of those who came before me had a different approach. I will not try to fit into their shoes but will come with my own shoes.

Gatina ward issues are not so unique. First as an MCA my duty is to represent, legislate and oversight. These are the core mandate which I will whole heartedly discharge.

Education, Infrastracture, and youth empowernment at the heart of my plans~Swaka.

Hon Swaka donating a wheelchair in Gatina ward

Hon Swaka: Coming from an education background, I will strive to assist our children to acquire basic education. All those who are eligible should be in school because education and enhancement of literacy level is key for our country’s growth.

G.m.k: Tell us more about your plans for infrastracture?

Hon Swaka: On infrastracture improvement, my predicessor had some projects underway, road network in Gatina, drainage, lighting and water are key areas that need immidiate attention. I shall closely discharge my duty as Gatina people’s representative.

G.m.k. How do you intend to solve the youth menace currently?

Hon Swaka: The youths issue is dear to my heart. As a fellow youth, I want to positively engage the young people and help them find purpose in life. I will act as a bridge and an example. Youth have a brighter future but should shun drugs and crime.

G.m.k.: Mheshimiwa you strongly campaigned for Igathe against Sakaja, how will you move forward?

Hon Swaka: It is true I unapologetically campaigned not only for Igathe but for all the Azimio candidates in Nairobi. This is the beauty of our democracy. As a peoples representative, I will seek to work with the governor in ensuring Gatina people get their fair share of development besides oversighting the county governor on prudence use of our resources. I dont expect the government to villify or sideline anybody.

Hon Swaka, hon Elachi and Hon Munga on the campaign trail.

G.m.k: How is your relationship with Area MP Hon Elachi and fellow MCAs in Dagoretti North?

Hon Swaka: I am having a pretty good relationship with my colleagues, I consider Hon Ogeto, Hon Munga and Hon Njogu as my seniors, they are all doing their third terms and I am learning alot from them. Hon Alai although a first timer, his wealth of experience on vast issues is also worthy learning from. Hon Elachi or simply Mama Dago is indeed our mother. She has been in politics long enough and we are having a good time working together. With her as our constituency captain, we hope to serve our people well.

G.m.k: With the swearing in due next week and election of the speaker, how does thing look like ?

Hon Swaka: Well, we are looking forward to the swearing in next week. As Azimio we are set, as party faithfuls, we shall vote for the party’s choice.

Azimio has the majority in the assembly and we confidently lay claim to the speaker’s position.

We shall have an Azimio leaning speaker.

G.m.k: Thank you so much what are your parting shot?

Hon Swaka: I want to once again thank the great people of Gatina for the confidence and honor they have bestowed on me. I wish to reiterate my committment in serving all of them equally without fear or favor.

Lets move Gatina ward forward

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