After Simba Arati shifting from city politics to Kisii, spotlight now shifts on Aladwa as Vihiga county calls on him in 2027.


George Omwera Aladwa or simply Georgy or as many still call him “Mayor” is a man of many firsts.

Currenyly serving as second term MP for Makadara, Aladwa has gradually grown from a simple city boy through the ranks of KANU youth leadership and now sits on the national table where critical decisions are made.

Hon George Aladwa, the last mayor of Nairobi.

Upon joining the defunct local government as a city father now called MCAs, Aladwa’s road to political glory looked ordained for greatness. While serving as Makongeni counsellor, Aladwa  tactically found his way as Nairobi’s deputy mayor before serving as the city’s last mayor before devolution checked in.

Hon Aladwa with Gov Oparanya in a past event.

According to his political colleague Mzee Vincent Shimoli, Aladwa is a shrewd mobilizer, generous and has a sharp eye for opportunities.

“Georgy is a huge grassroot mobilizer and a go getter. He doesnt shy away from risking when it comes  to politics. In 2013 when he vied as MP Makadara on ODM, we all know he won but the government rigged him out. Since Aladwa is not a quiter, he stayed put serving the people of Makadara from outside bunge which later paid off as he was elected in 2017 and now. Aladwa’s brand of politics put people first, he can share everything with people leaving nothing for himself. He is among the future politicians to watch out for, he will one day become a governor either in Nairobi or in his home county of Vihiga” Shimoli opined.

Aladwa could easily win Vihiga governorship in 2027 after Otichilo retires.

Born in Sabatia constituency, Aladwa spent his childhood days in Makadara where he studied as his parents worked at the Kenya railways.

Just like all maragooli young men of yester years, Aladwa would constantly board  Amini Mungu and Kirenga buses back to the village whenever schools closed. This kept him closer to his roots as a maragooli.

Despite the fact that Aladwa is a city politician, his wise counsel is widely sought on matters Vihiga county.

Whenever a matter arises in Vihiga, Aladwa is always there. He never misses the maragooli cultural festival which is the biggest annual event held every 26th December in Mbale ,Vihiga county.

Aladwa has also kept tabs with matters Vihiga politics. When Akaranga was elected governor, he constantly rallied the people of Vihiga to fully support him. During the first term of Otichilo and even during his re election, Aladwa took time and traversed Vihiga county supporting his re election.

Although Otichilo does not come from the maragoli clan like Aladwa, many pundits believe that by supporting him, Aladwa was silently making his own way as the next Vihiga governor.

We in Bunyore have served for two terms, we currently control the top three seats in Vihiga ie Speaker by Hon Omulele, Senator is Hon Osotsi and governor is Hon Otichilo. In 2027, we  intend to support Aladwa as  a way of giving back for his service and support  to our son. Besides Aladwa has what it takes to lead this great county of Vihiga” Mzee Opungu from Luanda says.

Aladwa enjoys cordial relationship with Mudavadi.

From their days in ODM, Aladwa and Mudavadi have always enjoyed a brotherly relationship. Although Aladwa has been a fierce defender of Raila, he has always steered clear of comfronting Hon Mudavadi his bigger brother despite their political divergence.

It must be noted that Mudavadi supported Aladwa’s bid for Nairobi mayor’s seat. Mudavadi as an ODM pentagon member prevailed upon  Tim Wanyonyi to step down for Aladwa who eventually won it.

In 2022, Aladwa who is always ambitious threw his hat in the ring for Nairobi governorship on ODM ticket. As fate would have it, Tim Wanyonyi too showed interest. As a leader who always put community interest first, Aladwa stepped down from the race and let Tim move forward.

Aladwa had what it takes to go for Nairobi governorship but he let Tim to fly the ODM flag. Unfortunately the party shortchanged us and Tim and Aladwa had to vie as MPs. I can confidently say that had ODM/Azimio fronted Aladwa against Sakaja, Georgy would have beaten Sakaja hands down” adds Shimoli.

Hon Aladwa a strong Pentecostal Assemblies of God member has visited over 80% of PAG churches in Vihiga which enjoys massive support. Many believe that as he plans to shift base to Vihiga county just like his colleague Simba did, Aladwa will have a ready support base in the church.
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