Why Raila Amollo Odinga remains our president statehouse or no state house honors!

The last few hours have been rather hard for us sons and daughters of Raila Odinga.

whereas there is no doubt that the enigma was and remains a president we never had, we shall still honor him.

My intentionis not to use the middle finger to point at some cowards, let me say a few words.

When Story of Raila and Kenya is told, same be a replica of Egyptian “Mohamed Karim”! story

When Mohamed Karim, the Egyptian who undertook to resist the assault of Alexandria launched by Napoleon, was arrested by the army and sentenced to death, Napoleon appealed to him and said: “I have trouble executing a man who has valiantly defended his country. I do not wish history to retain the image of a person who stifles the impetus of the patriots that defend the integrity of their homeland, so, I promise you freedom if you pay ten thousand gold coins as financial compensation to my soldiers that the resistance killed”. Smiling, Mohamed Karim replied:

” I do not have the full amount requested on me, but I am indebted more than 100 thousand pieces of gold by the merchants of Alexandria. They will surely pay this fine, so that I have my life saved”.

Chained, Mohamed Karim was driven to the Alexandria market for a tour of the market in search of the sum on which his freedom was to depend. But, to his great surprise, no merchant was on his side. Worse, the natives accused him of being a troublemaker, destroyer of property, and undermining the economic vitality of the port city of Alexandria!

Seeing the resignation of his family towards him, Napoleon declared: “I will concede that the sentence of capital punishment be executed, not because you killed my soldiers, but for having fought for cowardly people, who care more about their business than about their integrity!”

Mohamed Rachid Rida, Syrian Arab reformator said: “To revolt on behalf of an ignorant people, is like to set yourself on fire in order to light the way for a blind man!”

To the son of Jaramongi, you fought a good fight, to us your sons you remain a hero. You will have a special place in our history which no mortal can erase.

Long live President Raila Amollo Odinga Baba

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