“Inawezekana, Abbas Ibrahim’s dream for South C ward.

Abbas Ibrahim’s “Inawezekana” Dream for South C Ward

“Inawezekana na Abbas” ( It’s possible with Abbas), that’s the vow the South C ward Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) candidate Abbas Ibrahim has made in his ambitious manifesto.

Just like the former US president Barack Obama’s campaign slogan of “Yes we Can”, Abbas in his “Inawezekana na Abbas” motto assures the South C residents that with him as their next MCA it will possible for him to develop the area with his agenda

Abbas a young and prominent city businessman will use his management skills and experience to transform South C ward.

In the manifesto, the first priority for Abbas is to empower the youth and the women

Abbas plans to make the perennial water shortage in South C a thing of the past by increasing water supply and improve the sewerage system and sanitation for a healthy environment.

South C ward residents have been suffering for a long time from a poor road network where Abbas has promised to improve them by making the roads passable and accessible to all.

Abbas calls on the voters to walk with him in the journey of making South C ward great again by voting for him as their representative in the Nairobi City County Assembly.

Abbas plans to make South C ward drug free by dealing with the menace of drug trafficking, consumption and addiction a vice that has affected the area.


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