Obonyo Konyuka’s trail in Gatina ward leaves incumbent fuming.

They say in Politics one day is like an eternity and in politics, nothing is eternal especially for incumbents and aspirants. They also say water will always find its level, trace its old path, and if you happen to have erected any structure in its way, repercussions will be costly.

For newbies, allow me to introduce you to Hon. Obonyo Konyuka. Hon. Obonyo Konyuka is a resilient leader, a tactful master who once faced personal tragedy during his 2013/2017 term, a fact that almost threw him under the bus politically, but through God’s love and mercifulness, Hon. Obonyo has managed to put that tragedy behind himself and is now focusing on a bright life ahead graciously.

Having led the people of Gatina previously and having lost the seat to the current Mca, Hon. Obonyo is slowly making inroads in the densely populated Gatina Ward of the Dagoreti North Constituency. Hon. Obonyo Konyuka is a leader who is really loved and appreciated in that Ward, the Ward he represented as the first Mca under the current constitution.

Before the arrival of the present constitution, Hon. Obonyo had previously served as the City counselor in the old dispensation. As a former city father, Hon. Obonyo understands too well Gatina’s politics. So any naysayer writing him off should do so at his own risk. To those who don’t know, the former Mca is currently putting up a piece of ambitious and oiled campaign machinery that will shake the Gatina critics and opponents alike.

He is currently marshaling a mother of all campaign to reclaim the seat he lost to a newbie. The people of Gatina love him much, taking a walk with him within the ward, one can not fail to see the reception the former Mca receives from his supporters. They birth him with adoration and warm greetings.

Many fondly call him Kiongozi, because he served and represented them without discrimination or nepotism. Under the cover of a tight strategy, he is currently meeting people every weekend as he plans to roll out a full-fledged campaign in January 2022.

Recently, he has interceded for Mwanga primary school to clear and fix the drainage that was oozing a mother of all stench at the gate of the school for many months. The Children of Mwangaza Primary and the administration are a happy lot now, all they could say to Hon. Obonyo was, ” Thank you, Mheshimiwa, at least we can now breathe fresh air”

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